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Stainless steel wine cabinet customized

Am: 2021-10-21 Hits: 1

Stainless steel can be made into many products, among which stainless steel wine cabinet is used not only at home, but also in many hotels, restaurants and other places. A stainless steel wine cabinet with perfect design can improve the grade of the place. Stainless steel wine cabinet can be customized. For the latest style in 2018, people are more interested in style issues, you can go to the organization specialized in customizing stainless steel products for relevant understanding.

At present, there are two ways to obtain the stainless steel red wine cabinet. One is to buy the prepared products directly from the Internet. The size of the prepared products is relatively fixed. If you have high requirements for size, it is difficult to buy suitable products. Of course, it can also be divided into large, medium and small sizes, which can store a large amount of red wine, two or three bottles of red wine and one bottle of beer. There is also a custom processing factory directly looking for stainless steel red wine cabinets. This method is mostly used in places or individuals with high requirements for wine cabinets. It can be customized in terms of style, color and size.

Stainless steel red wine cabinet is mainly made of stainless steel. Nowadays, there are many surface treatment processes of stainless steel, such as plastic spraying, titanium plating, antique copper aging, paint baking, wood grain, etc. Therefore, the surface of stainless steel red wine cabinet has many choices, such as common wood grain, green antique copper, red antique copper, titanium gold, rose gold, black titanium, champagne gold and black matte, Some colors can also be adjusted, which can be basically completed as long as you want. Stainless steel wine cabinet has many colors and beautiful styles. It also has the advantages of good quality, corrosion resistance and long service life.

1. Size measurement: since it is a custom wine cabinet, of course, it should first reflect the advantage of "tailor-made". It is recommended to determine the placement position of the wine cabinet first, and then make accurate measurement of the area, height and shape of the position, so as to make it more convenient for the design and construction of stainless steel wine cabinet and ensure the appropriate size of the wine cabinet.

2. It needs to be adjusted. Usually, before customizing the wine cabinet, the size, height and number of partitions required for the wine cabinet should be designed according to the number, type, texture, characteristics and other factors of wine.

3. Color selection: in terms of the design color of customized stainless steel wine cabinet, we usually suggest that you choose the color that is consistent with or close to other indoor furniture to customize the wine cabinet, so as to avoid too much difference between the customized wine cabinet and other furniture.


Precautions for stainless steel wine cabinet design:

1. The wine cabinet shall be equipped with colored glass or door with ultraviolet filter membrane to prevent the ultraviolet radiation in the sun from affecting the quality of wine.
2. The height of each layer of wine cabinet is about 30-50cm. The part for placing wine bottles should be placed obliquely. The cabinet should not be too deep for easy access.

3. If you have an open living room and dining room, you can use the floor type wine cabinet as a screen to separate the living area.

4 .If there is a large amount of wine stored and the quality of wine cabinet is high, the overall wine storage room can be used, and the space shall be relatively sealed and low temperature as far as possible; Not much wine can be stored in the side cabinet temporarily.